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What is the problem that would cause a paper jam for a printer?123.hp.com

The most common reasons 123.hp.com Printer as to why a paper jam is caused are listed below:
1. Overloading the input tray
2. Using wrinkled, curled or damaged paper.
3. Using paper that does not meet the printer’s paper specification.
4. Adding or removing the paper from the input tray when the printer is processing a print job.
5. Loading the paper incorrectly in the input tray.
6. Obstructions in the input paper path.
7. Debris, torn pieces of paper or packing material found between the rollers.


What modern home printer is good and won’t be expensive when it comes to ink prices? 123.hp.com/setup

Replacing the cartridge makes us spend our time and money. It gets frustrating when a huge amount is spent for these cartridges, so I have listed a few printer series that are best for home use and also help you save a huge sum on cartridges.

1. Brother MFC-J985DW
Color or Monochrome: 1-pass color
Maximum Scan Area: Legal
Duty Cycle: 2500 pages per month
Input Capacity (printer input only): 100 sheets
Maximum Standard Paper Size: Letter
Print Duplexing: Automatic
Scanner Optical Resolution: 1200 pixels per inch
Rated Speed at Default Settings (Color): 10 ppm

2. Canon Pixma TS8020 Wireless Inkjet All-In-One Printer
Input Capacity (printer input only): 200 sheets
Maximum Scan Area: Legal
Maximum Standard Paper Size: Letter
Connection Type: USB Wireless
Print Duplexing: Automatic
Rated Speed at Default Settings (Mono): 15 ppm
Scanner Optical Resolution: 2400 pixels per inch

3. Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4720
Maximum Scan Area: Letter
Connection Type: Ethernet, USB, Wireless
Maximum Standard Paper Size: Legal
Scanner Optical Resolution: 1200 pixels per inch
Print Duplexing: Automatic
Rated Speed at Default Settings (Color): 20 ppm

4. 123.hp.com HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-In-One Printer
Rated Speed at Default Settings (Color): 7 ppm
Scanner Optical Resolution: 600 pixels per inch
Connection Type: USB, Wireless
Duty Cycle: 500 pages per month
Maximum Standard Paper Size: Legal

5. 123.hp.com HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 All-in-One Printer
Rated Speed at Default Settings (Mono): 20 ppm
Scanner Optical Resolution: 600 pixels per inch
Input Capacity (printer input only): 225 sheets
Rated Speed at Default Settings (Color): 11 ppm
Color or Monochrome: 1-pass color

Tips to buy best ink cartridge for Inkjet 123.hp.com printer?

Inkjet printers employ ink cartridges for printing purposes. Cartridges are special containers that are designed to hold the 123.hp.com printer ink. The specialty of the ink cartridge is that the ink that is stored in here does not dry. These ink pigments when exposed to atmospheric air, will start coagulating and will form lumps. These lumps are extremely dangerous when it comes to printing.

All Inkjet printers will operate on ink cartridges and they will require being replaced when they run dry. There are different colors of ink each stored in its own compartment/cartridge. Sometimes the colors are stored separately in individual cartridges, other times, they are coupled together with other colors and are produced as a tri-color cartridge usually housing three colors.

Most ink related 123.hp.com printer issues can be avoided when you prefer an original genuine manufacturer provided ink cartridge. These are usually available in the manufacturer’s online store. Preferring genuine parts will enable better prints and the efficiency of the printer improves multiple folds.

In addition to improved print quality, usage of genuine parts will prolong the life of your printer. Although cheap third-party products are available, it is always recommended to stay loyal to your manufacturer and not compromise on the life of your printer. There are frequent cases of ink spillage and damaged prints whilst using cheap replacement cartridges. Cartridges come in all shapes and color. Note that any cartridge other than the ones designed for your 123.hp.com printer model will not fit. Forcing an incompatible cartridge in your printer will cause damage to the cartridge slot moreover there is no guarantee that it will work.

Log on to your manufacturer’s home page and under the purchase/shopping tab, you will find cartridges available for sale. Locate your printer model and purchase the cartridge that is specific for your model.

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Disadvantages of ink tank printer

Ink tank printer although holds the capability to store large amounts of ink and is recommended for continuous prints, there are a couple of disadvantages that act against your ideas in buying this printer.

Ink tanks, Eco tanks, they come under various names, with the tagline of housing large quantities of ink. With this, the necessity to change ink cartridges is reduced. Noticeably, refilling your ink tank is much cheaper than purchasing a new ink cartridge. However, having large amounts of ink and not using it for extended duration might cause the ink to coagulate and form lumps. This is never a welcome sight as the only way to fix this is by breaking the lumps or replacing the entirety of ink solution.

Refilling can cause harm to the printer as the clogs that result from infrequent usage and air getting trapped inside the ink tank whilst refilling the ink. The refilling cartridge comes with 3 years of shelf life and once opened, has to be used within 6 months.

Refilling can be quite a hassle. The ink needs to be properly refilled and spillage will ruin your clothes and will take a lengthy cleaning process to remove the ink from your hands. With these issues taken care of, the ink tank is a wonderful printer to be working with.

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The most value for money A2/3+ size printer

There are a lot of printers in the market that meet this requested criteria. However, taking into quality as a parameter, we have zeroed down on the following printer models. They have been specified with their price and the most economical one among them is explained in detail.

  • Epson SureColor SC-P600 $1299.00 or lower
  • Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-1000 $1299.00 or less
  • Epson Stylus Pro 3880 – A2+ $1495.00 or less
  • Epson Stylus Photo R3000 $1300 or less
  • Canon Pixma PRO-1 $1296.00 or less

On comparing the printer models and pitting them against their price tags, the most economical and efficient among them is the Epson SureColor SC-P600purely for the following reasons.

As expected, all the above-mentioned printers can print papers on A3+ sheets. The difference to be taken into account is the manufacturer and the service provided. Your printer experience is not complete without proper support extended by the manufacturer. When it comes to service, it is found that Epson and HP are a class apart. Since there is no competition from HP in this segment, banking on Epson is the only option.

This printer model is widely preferred by amateur photographers to print photos and by corporate offices that require high-quality presentations. Superior quality in its prints is achieved by the use of nine ink cartridges. Capable of producing rich black, in fact, some of the richest in its class at 2.86PGPP, pictured printed with this printer is very smooth indeed.

A 2.7inch control panel for easier access, this section can also be used for choosing quick actions such as one-click copy and one-click scan. Coupled with class-leading wireless connectivity, you can truly stay connected with this printer. With the panoramic print option whereby the printer will make use of its roller function, this is one photographer friendly printer.

This printer also is compatible with all wireless devices and supports Wi-Fi Direct and Cloud printing. With the large-sized ink tanks, this printer will most certainly outlast all average printers. For Technical Support Call us Toll Free 1-888-249-8496

How do I reset an HP 680 ink cartridge after refilling it?

  • When the cartridge is refilled, the printer does not identify it as a fulfill cartridge. It shows inaccurate ink level status commonly occurs when ink cartridges are refilled. By good fortune there is a Easy solution to this problem.
  • Find and release both the black and the color ink HP cartridges from your HP printer.
  • Turn on your printer, then wait for 20 seconds, Now turn off. Wait until your printer turn off completely.
  • Repeat those steps 5 times because we have to erase the HP cartridge identification information from HP printer memory.
  • HP printer normally stores this information of the last five ink cartridge that used
  • Locate the black and color HP cartridges inside the printer.
  • First take the test page printout to assure cartridge level system is reset and ensure the machine is printing correctly. For More Technical Support Call us Toll Free 1-888-249-8496

What are some of the different characteristics of a mobile printer?

Mobile printing requirements are rather unique. Of course, everyone needs printing to be done but is it mandatory to carry a mobile printer with you?

Does your requirement outshine the hardships of carrying a few pounds worth of device with you? Not everyone is in such dire need, for there always are public printing services available for a price. Mobile printer, a target-specific printer most beneficial to business travelers, travel photographers, journalist and anyone who needs large amounts of prints during their travel.

The perks of mobile printing are definitely more than just not being able to find printing services, surely one would not consider making a purchase just to save a little time? The advantages are to simply put, convenience. Remember that there are a lot of hotels that allow their customers to take a printout usually at a price, the catch here is not being able to connect your devices at the printing station. Fixed connectivity issues, unable to print from your phone, unable to connect your cloud to printing service etc,

The product as a whole is of a small size. They come in varying degree of miniature sizes. There are few models that could fit into your laptop bag and a few that find its way into your pockets. Their size largely depends on your requirements. The larger the printer you choose, the most difficult it is going to be whilst tagging it along during your travels.
On a cost-wise analysis, mobile printers are priced on the higher end of the price spectrum. Having a mobile printer has always been a sophistication and mobile printers these days have not made it any easier. For the price that you will be spending on a mobile printer, you could get yourself a pretty decent desktop printer. In addition to the purchase cost, these printers do not operate on the conventional Laserjet/Inkjet technology.

Most of them employ a special crystal coated printing paper that is purchased as a set for a considerable price. This cannot be changed which makes this purchase mandatory every time you make a print. Connectivity is a major plus as these printers can literally work on anything that minimizes effort and saves you time. All printers come with either Bluetooth or Wireless technology. Battery operated printing devices are a major plus as they can be taken to any remote destination and can churn out prints as long they receive the print job from a wireless device.

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